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Many of the greatest public health advances over the past two centuries have been driven by scientific and engineering discoveries that use energy to promote health – systems that disinfect and distribute water, food refrigeration, clean cookstoves and others. 

CSU’s Center for Energy Development and Health is committed to innovating clean energy solutions and technologies that improve the human condition around the globe.  The mission of the center is two fold.  The first – to identify and characterize sources of pollution that may have detrimental impacts on health or the environment. The second - to help develop the next-generation of energy-related technologies and pollution evaluation methodologies to make our planet safer and healthier. 

The Center for Energy Development and Health seeks to accomplish its mission by serving as a nexus where engineers, scientists, and public health researchers can collaborate, innovate, and share knowledge in order to improve health and climate conditions around the world.



John Volckens, Director


Christian L’Orange, Associate Director