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Funding Announcements

The Energy Institute administers university wide seed grant and travel grant programs to address important topics in the energy space, and to foster multidisciplinary collaboration.  Research teams compete for funds to initiate new, innovative projects. Funds are distributed among three types of grant opportunities:

Discovery Projects: 

Funds are provided to early stage research projects, with the goal of generating initial results to serve as basis for future competitive federal grant applications. 

Commercialization Readiness Projects:

Funds are provided to research projects aimed at the dissemination of innovation through companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and foundations, with the goal of progressing CSU energy research toward commercialization. 

Intellectual Capacity Building Projects:

Funds are provided to projects that advance or enhance the body of knowledge around a particular energy topic.  Projects may include white papers focused on discussion and analysis of an important energy area; energy-related seminars or events; travel; or other activities that help CSU researchers advance to the next critical stage in their energy-related research efforts.  

Energy Institute at CSU Request for Proposals

The Energy Institute (EI) at Colorado State University is pleased to announce research funding opportunities to enhance CSU research activities related to energy for 2015/2016:

To initiate a new Energy Institute proposal or support for an energy-related complex grant, please contact Dr. Meghan Suter for a Proposal Initiation Form. (

Energy Institute Member Organizations

Center for Energy and Behavior Center for Energy Development and Health Center for Energy Water Sustainability Center for Laser Sensing and Diagnostics Center for Next Generation Photovoltaics Center for the New Energy Economy Electric Power Systems Laboratory Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory Industrial Assessment Center Institute for the Built Environment Rural Energy Center Sustainable Biofuels Development Center