Colorado State University

Transmission and Storage Committees

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Steering Committee Members

Drew Nelson, Chair                                                                                   Lisa Beal
Program Manager                                                                                      VP, Environment and Construction Policy
Environmental Defense Fund                                                                   Interstate Natural Gas Association of America

Gary Chapman                                                                                          Jim Cormack                                                                     
Vice President                                                                                           Manager, Climate Change and Air Emissions
Dow Pipeline Company                                                                           TransCanada

Pamela Faggert                                                                                         Laura Guthrie
VP, Environmental Sciences                                                                   Director, Air Program
Dominion Transmission, Inc.                                                                  Enable Gas Transmission Company

Thomas Hutchins                                                                                      Judy Neason
VP, Environmental Services                                                                    Federal Regulatory Affairs Director
Kinder Morgan                                                                                          Williams                                                                            

Frank Perry                                                                                                 Mark Gebbia
Director, Health and Safety                                                                     Interim Director, Environmental Services
NiSource/Columbia Gas Transmission                                                  Williams

Mark Brownstein                                                                                       Teresa Pugh, Observer
Associate Vice President and Chief Counsel                                          Vice President, Environment and Construction Policy
US Climate and Energy Program                                                              International Natural Gas Association of America
Environmental Defense Fund 

Scientific Advisory Panel

Jeff Kuo
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
California State University-Fullerton

David Picard
Clearstone Engineering Ltd.

Robert Talbot
Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry
Director, Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
University of Houston

Michael P. Whelan
Director, Research Operations
Pipeline Research Council International


Technical Working Group

Daniel Zimmerle, PI
Senior Research Scientist,
Colorado State University

James Tangeman, Technical Working Group Chair
Air Compliance Manager

Ramon Alvarez, Technical Working Group Co-Chair
Senior Scientist                                    
Environmental Defense Fund



Mike Collins
Dow Pipeline 


James Cordaway

Chad Edwards


Roberta Gellner
Dominion Transmission  

Tom Lumadue
NiSource/Columbia Gas Transmission


William Manwaring
Enable Gas Transmission Company

James McCarthy, Observer
International Natural Gas Association of America Consultant 


Scott Peters

Alice Prior
Dominion Transmission 


Mary Beth Whitfield




Energy Institute Member Organizations

Center for Energy and Behavior Center for Energy Development and Health Center for Energy Water Sustainability Center for Laser Sensing and Diagnostics Center for Next Generation Photovoltaics Center for the New Energy Economy Electric Power Systems Laboratory Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory Industrial Assessment Center Institute for the Built Environment Rural Energy Center Sustainable Biofuels Development Center